A few weddings done…finally!


This month I was finally able to move forward with doing some weddings. As restrictions are starting to lift in Michigan because of coronavirus some of the brides have been able to move forward with their wedding.


The first wedding I was able to do was for an absolutely amazing couple Ashley and Everette. They had decided to downsize their wedding and had a very intimate affair of about 30 people. I have to say I was extremely nervous since it was my first non-friend wedding. But I do think it went quite well. The whole day was able to go smoothly and Ashley looked absolutely stunning in her dress. You could tell that Everette was so happy and blessed to be able to marry Ashley.


They ended up having their wedding at a church instead of doing the country club that they originally had decided on. At first I was a little bit nervous because I didn’t know how the church and the decor would look, but I was very pleasantly surprised. It was also amazing to work with their florist Linda, who I have now had the pleasure of having her as the florist for 2 more of my brides. Overall for their wedding day I would say that I put in about 14 hours worth of work from start to finish but it was absolutely amazing to see.


The following weekend I was able to do the wedding for Kayla and Dan. Initially their wedding had been scheduled for September 12 and they actually decided to move up their wedding.


This couple was absolutely amazing to work with, and I absolutely adore them and their little family. I will be doing their reception party next year that they will have since they did have to downsize the wedding as well. This was another great wedding for me to meet new vendors; and I was so happy to work with the photographer, make up artist, hairstylist, and pastor that they chose.


With both of these weddings under my belt now I am more confident in the service that I offer as well as the pricing that I offer. When I first started booking brides the price range for them were so drastically different because I still have no idea what the value of my services were. Now that I have done the two weddings; each wedding day just in itself is typically about 12 hours worth of work, and the extent of the work that I do I do feel much better about my pricing. Now that I am confident with my pricing I do now just need to extend that confidence to asking my brides to write reviews for me. In all fairness I am very bad at that part of a job interview where they ask you what your strengths are because I feel bad talking about myself. When I did ask Kayla if she would write me a review she very quickly put all of my concerns to rest and just gushed about how much she enjoyed working with me just even from day one.


Both of the couples that I have worked with so far I absolutely fell in love with and hope and wish for nothing but the best for them. The next wedding that I have coming up is on July 24 and I’m super excited to see just how much I grow from that wedding as well.


As I get more used to these weddings and what I do I will go more in depth about the wedding day and the wedding experience and each couple. I am just now though trying to figure out what this blog will look like. Thank you for reading it and being patient with me while I work through all the kinks and awkwardness.